Kaye Tew
About Kaye

Kaye’s day job is as a Project Manager in a university English Department, where she delivers creative outreach programmes to engage local communities, particularly children and families. She has a background in creative writing (both the writing and teaching of) and is currently writing a series of picture books for children.  She is an incurable list maker, mind mapper, creative journaller, people connector, dog lover and crappy crafter.  

Website currently under construction

Email: k.tew@mmu.ac.uk

She doesn’t much like Twitter but can be found @Kaye_Tew

Get In Touch!

NB. We don't have an official or contact or mailing list at this point. If you would like to be kept updated or if you have any questions, Lianne Campbell is organising the retreats at the moment. Click below for more information. 

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