Jyotish Patel
Private Consultations

Virtual Sessions.


Embody your true nature.


I offer safe, empowering, life enhancing coaching and practices enabling easy access to the wealth of wisdom in your mind, body, spirit system.


Working holistically with your life story, together we will create a new level of awareness with interventions to release old patterns of emotional responses and behavior that no longer serve.


Combining my personal insights and practices drawn from neuroscience, biology, consciousness studies, energy medicine and zero balancing, the sessions are precious moments of deep listening, connection, healing and integration into your true nature.

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More About Jyotish

I am a complementary health care practitioner, facilitator of transformation and a wholeness coach. A certified advanced Energy Medicine and Zero Balancing practitioner with a clinical practice spanning two decades and over 2,000 individual clients.


I am inspired by the emergence of new approaches for expanding consciousness that integrate ancient wisdom with modern insights for growth and transformation. I have pioneered the application of Energy Medicine into the world of business to complement organisational learning and development programs to empower health and performance.


I live in East Sussex, England with my partner Lianne, our daughter Anousha, spaniel Leela and pet rats Whiff & Niff. My passions include travel, yoga, meditation, cooking and spending time in wild nature.